Ballyroan Chimney Sweeping Services

It can be quite a task keeping your chimney clean and in perfect working order. Every hour your heating system is in use, your chimney is at work, allowing combustion gas and smoke to escape from your stove or fireplace. Over time – and not very much time at that – this takes its toll and results in a build up of soot.

Excess soot and trapped combustion gas residue can block the release of smoke and gas, resulting in a dangerous situation in your home. Without even knowing it, you could currently be facing a fire hazard, lethal fume build up or both.

Thankfully, we have the solution – regular chimney sweeping. For professionals like us, sweeping a chimney and enhancing its performance is fast and easy. We also specialise in cctv chimney inspections to ensure that there are no serious problems with your chimney’s structure.

And if you are in need of chimney repairs or rebuilding, we can handle that for you too. We’re now on call in Ballyroan, so please feel free to call us for a fast response.

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