Chimney Cleaning Islandbridge

We are currently available full time in Islandbridge, Dublin 8, for a host of chimney services, including sweeping, smoke and draught testing, cctv chimney surveys, carbon monoxide testing, chimney relining and repointing, restoration and rebuilding work and cage, cowl and cap replacement.

We are experienced extensively in both manual chimney cleaning with conventional rods and brushes and in automated sweeping using rod tech power tools.

Our service is friendly and prompt – when you book an appointment with us, we keep it and most standard chimney cleaning appointments are completed in less than one hour on site. After we thoroughly clean your chimney, we’ll be sure to leave the interior of your property in the condition in which we found it.

Overall, there is no better chimney company in the Dublin area. Contact us right now for a no obligation quotation.

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