Chimney Cleaning Santry

A chimney is a traditional element of Irish houses that is valuable both in terms of form and function. If your home features a more conventional heating system, a chimney is likely essential in order to release smoke and gases from your living space.

And who can dispute the fact that a chimney that is well built can add a considerable amount of style to your property’s roof? OK, so chimneys can be great, but are there potential problems involved in having a chimney? Yes!

If your chimney is not regularly cleaned, swept and maintained – with repairs carried out as required – then it could be a danger to your health and that of your property. We specialise in helping our customers to have safe, fully functional chimneys that don’t pose a fire hazard.

With regular sweeping and maintenance, your chimney can be an asset to your property. Now covering Santry, Dublin 9 – call now on 087 965 35 65!

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