Greystones Chimney Sweeping

Our team is delighted to bring residents of Greystones our range of high calibre chimney sweeping, repair, maintenance and assessment services. A strong, clean chimney will help you to keep your home free from harmful fumes and chimney related fire hazards.

An obstruction in your chimney can stop the flow of smoke, which is the last thing you want if you want the safest living environment possible. One of our specialities is the removal of blockages in your chimney, like birds’ nests, which we can remove in an environmentally friendly way, outside of breeding season ( May – June ).

We also recommend the installation of a cowl, cap or cage to protect your chimney from further obstructions, which we can handle for you. Regular CCTV assessments will enable us to pinpoint any structural issues with your chimney, so if you require this service, contact us now. We’re always happy to help.

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