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Your home heating system is vitally important, which is why you need to take the condition of your chimney seriously.

Build up of soot in your chimney can lead to sub optimal performance of your stove or fire. The simplest and most cost effective way of dealing with this is regular chimney cleaning and maintenance. We offer the following services in all areas of Dublin:

  • Chimney cleaning and power sweeping 
  • Stove maintenance
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide testing
  • CCTV camera surveys
  • Cap, cowl, pot and cage installation
  • Chimney repairs, maintenance and relining
  • Rebuilding and restoration                                                                                                                        

A competent team of chimney cleaners will clean your chimney and keep your home running properly without causing damage to your property or creating a mess in your living room.

Here at Dublin chimney cleaning, we believe in prevention. Our simple methods of cleaning are the ultimate preventative maintenance solution for your chimney.

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