Cowl Installation And Replacement

In order to protect the inside of your chimney from birds, vermin and adverse weather, as well as to help avoid down draughts, a cage, cap, cowl or pot is recommended. Our chimney experts can provide whatever accessories are necessary for the protection of your chimney.

Cowls and caps may already be in place on most chimneys, but it is a fact that they need to be replaced quite regularly. Wear and tear results in damage to the cowl, so it is advisable to fit a new cowl or cage as often as is needed.

With Dublin chimney cleaning, this is absolutely no problem. Our experts can speedily refit, repair, fit or replace a cowl, bird cage, pot or cap for enhanced safety, efficiency and performance.

As usual, we use only the highest quality parts and our workmanship is of the very highest calibre. We’re happy to work according to your personal schedule and are available for out of hours emergency work. You’ll find our pricing to be very reasonable and if you need any advice on maintenance or sweeping, we’re always only a phone call away.

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