Shankill Chimney Services

Our skilled and trained workforce is ably serving the Shankill community of Dublin 18 and delivering a range of essential chimney cleaning, repair and maintenance services. If your property has a chimney and you are using your heating system, then maintenance is required – not just for the effectiveness of your heating system, but for the safety of yourself and your family.

An ill maintained chimney is a serious health hazard, with many fires being caused by chimneys that are blocked with soot, birds’ nests or other obstructions. With some simple chimney maintenance work, however, your home can be as safe as ever.

We offer professional chimney sweeping, both manual and power vacuuming, at reasonable and affordable rates with a fast response time and minimum time on site.

Our operatives also deliver general chimney repair services and cctv inspections to identify any problems.

Contact our friendly customer care team now for more information or to book a callout. Emergency response service available – call 087 965 35 65. 

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