Dublin Chimney Cleaning – Professional Chimney Sweeping In Dublin
Our staff members have several years of experience in chimney cleaning and sweeping throughout Dublin, so your chimney will be in good hands. We use the latest power sweeping technology and utilize CCTV cameras for chimney surveys and inspections. As well as cleaning, we also focus on chimney repairs, relining and cowl, pot and cap installation and replacement. Call us on 087 965 35 65 now.

Dublin chimney cleaning is the county’s most professional company. You can always rely on us for a 24 hour emergency blockage service as well as routine chimney sweeping. We are available to work flexible hours and are happy to accommodate you if you require service outside of normal working hours. We offer great flexibility in terms of schedules and will happily work according to your timetable with a fast turnaround guaranteed.

Most of our chimney cleaning appointments are completed in less than an hour and we are proud to offer the fastest chimney relining and repair services in Dublin.

Our customer service is always excellent and we offer very competitive rates that won’t disappoint.

Our chimney sweeps are always available in Dublin as well as certain areas of neighbouring counties and we can tackle both residential and commercial projects with confidence.  For a quick, tidy and professional service at a price you can afford, look no further than Dublin chimney cleaning!

You can rest assured that our trained, qualified and experienced workforce has the latest power sweeping tools for a precise finish that leaves your living area fresher and your open fire more efficient.

Obstructions in your chimney can wreak havoc, causing potentially hazardous gases to build up in your living space – do not let this happen! We safely and carefully remove soot and any other elements that impede proper chimney function. Chimney unblocking is our speciality!

Book the Dublin chimney cleaning team for regular power sweeping and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a safe, well maintained chimney.  

With our services, your chimney will be cleaner, safer and more efficient, offering you and your family greater peace of mind – get in touch now for a free quote. 


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