Chimney Services Rathfarnham

A fully functioning chimney that does what it is supposed to do is essential to your home. Few people pay sufficient attention to chimney cleaning and maintenance, but the dangers of neglecting this vital areas are very real.

Your chimney needs to allow combustion gas and fuel smoke to escape safely from your living environment, but even relatively smoke blockages or soot build up can prevent this from happening.

Toxic fumes can build up in your living space if your chimney does not allow them to escape. Similarly, blockages in your chimney can cause a serious risk of fire. Happily, all this is easily avoided – you simply need to get into a steady chimney sweeping routine and invest in regular cctv chimney surveys and smoke/carbon monoxide testing.

Often, our operatives can carry out testing and sweeping in the same appointment. We’re on call now for work in Rathfarnham, Dublin 16, so do not hesitate to call us for any chimney related services.

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