Chimney Sweeping Harold’s cross

Chimney sweeping is an important, yet often under-appreciated service that can make a lot of difference to the performance of your home heating system.

More significantly, a clean and strong chimney is much safer, with a lower risk of house fires and carbon monoxide fumes in your living areas.

Our energetic team members are well trained in manual chimney sweeping as well as more modern methods involving the use of power tools.

We’re available year round in Harold’s cross ( Dublin 6 and Dublin 12 ) for chimney and flue cleaning, as well as a range of professional chimney repair and maintenance services.

Our workforce is now offering first rate chimney relining, rebuilding and restoration services, along with smoke and down draught testing and cowl, cap, pot and cage installation. CCTV inspections are recommended to keep ahead of potential structural problems – we offer reasonable pricing on chimney surveys.

We’re your first port of call for any and all chimney related services – don’t hesitate to get in touch anytime.

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