Chimney Diagnostics

We can provide a range of testing services to help ensure the safety of your living space. There are three main types of chimney/heating related assessments:

  • Smoke testing
  • Down draught testing
  • Carbon monoxide tests                                                                                                                              

Combustion gases can get trapped in your chimney, resulting in carbon monoxide fumes. Our engineers can check for this. Obstructions in a chimney can also block smoke from escaping, resulting in a fire hazard. It is vital to conduct regular smoke tests. Our rates for smoke testing are reasonable and we also provide the solutions to any issues.

Down draughts can affect the effectiveness of your heating system. If you have a problem with down draughts, we can quickly find out. Again, we can also solve the problem for you.

For more information about the above diagnostic services, call us now on 087 965 35 65.

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